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Writing for the Web Training Course

Location: London UK
Duration: 1 Day
Dates: Contact Us

Words, text and language.

Words play a critical role online. The right words help people tune in to your web site, navigate their way round and interact intuitively with site features and functions. Writing for the web is as much about having a conversation as it is about conveying information.

In one day you will learn:

  • How people read (or don’t read) online
  • The differences between writing for online and offline
  • How to structure texts so people can absorb more information while they scan
  • The differences between interface texts and deeper level content texts
  • How words on the web have to work hard and the many roles they have to fulfil
  • Maximising the benefits of SEO and Pay Per Click
  • Learning from key word/phrase analysis
  • How to engage and maintain user activity through language.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at anyone with responsibility for writing or commissioning content for a web site or intranet. Even professional writers will benefit from understanding the special requirements for the medium. Marketing professionals accountable for their web site returns will particularly benefit. This course is also suitable for web developers.

How will you benefit?

Learning how to craft the right words that positively affect usability and the way that people interact with your business online will increase the effectiveness of your web presence. The course will provide you with the tools to be able to write and commission texts that make your web site more usable, relevant and engaging for your intended audience.

Who runs the course?

Specialists in crafting text and language for web, email, email newsletters and other interactive media, run this course in association with Optimize.

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