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Web Analytics for SEM Training Course

Location: London UK
Duration: 1 Day
Dates: Contact Us

This one-day Web Analytics for SEM (search engine marketing) training course will give you a comprehensive grounding in a range of techniques for measuring the effectiveness of your web sites and interactive marketing campaigns.

In one day you will learn to:

  • Measure the effectiveness of your web sites and interactive marketing campaigns
  • Analyse your web stats and log files to uncover powerful new information to get the most out of your investments
  • Use market research, focus groups and end-to-end analysis to further enhance your feedback information

Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to know more about how their web site or online marketing campaigns are performing.

How will you benefit?

The Web Analytics training course provides you with techniques to get the best possible return on the investment you have already made in your web site design, search engine submissions and marketing campaigns.

The course will help you identify who is visiting your web site, how they got there and what they did once they arrived. This information will you with invaluable insights you can use to improve all aspects of your site or online marketing campaigns.

Course Content

Why Measure Web Effectiveness?

  • Reasons for measurement
  • 'The Leaky Pipe’ – where web sites lose users
  • The ‘Internet Value Chain’
  • From user to site
  • Understanding where data can be collected and how

Web Effectiveness Measurement Services

There are four main types of services or tools available:

  • Market measurement (panels, surveys, data aggregators)
  • Site centric measurement (log file tools, page tagging systems)
  • User profiling (surveys, segmentation)
  • Site performance measurement (end-to-end measurement)

Pulling It All Together

Putting in place a web measurement framework:

  • Developing a holistic approach
  • 5 stage process to developing a web measurement strategy
  • Putting in place your measurement framework
  • How to measure return on investment (ROI)

Group Exercises

Creating a web measurement strategy for:

  • Site design update / redesign
  • Marketing campaign evaluation

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