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Google Analytics Training Course

Location: London UK
Duration: 1 Day
Dates: Contact Us

This one-day training course on Google Analytics will teach you how to strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites. The course provides an overview of the basics but goes beyond that by taking a best practice approach to configuring Google Analytics so that you can gain a richer insight into your web site visitors, the performance of your website and its marketing effectiveness.

In one day you will learn to:

  • Measure the effectiveness of your web sites and online marketing campaigns
  • Analyse your web stats to uncover powerful new information to get the most out of your investments

Who should attend?

The training course is aimed at all users of web analytics data - all those roles that make decisions based upon performance data, and those who are looking to gain a greater insight from that data. It is assumed that you have some familiarity with Google Analytics in a general sense.

How will you benefit?

At the end of the course you should understand how Google Analytics can provide a high level insight into the performance of your web site and how your visitors interact with it. The goal is to give you a rounded view of the power of Google Analytics and provide you with the intelligence you need to improve your business performance.

Course Content

General Introduction to Google Analytics

  • Understanding what Web Analytics can do for your web site
  • Clarifying how Google stores and uses your data
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Best practice guidleines for analysing data and how to analyse data trends
  • Creating accounts and setting data sharing preferences
  • An overview of the Google Analytics dashboard and how to use data visualisations


  • Understanding how Google uses cookies and the information they track
  • Know the differences between 1st party and 3rd party cookies, persistent and temporary cookies

Importance of Configuring & Customising Google Analytics Properly

  • Understand the Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC), where to place it and how it can be customised
  • How to verify your installation

Overview of the Google Analytics Interface & Reporting

  • Configuring the dashboard, report navigation and how to email and export reports
  • Setting date and comparison date ranges, graphing by day, week and month
  • Interpreting reports - how to segment and sort data and compare multiple metrics on graphs

Defining and Measuring Actionable Metrics - Visits, Visitors, Pageview & Time Metrics

  • How Google Analytics calculates Visits, Visitors and Pageviews
  • Where to find Visits, Visitors and Pageviews metrics
  • Configuring segmented reports for New vs Returning Visitors, Pageview vs Unique Pageviews...
  • Understand the Length of Visit Report and how Time on Page and Time on Site are calculated


  • Best practice for structuring and managing accounts and profiles
  • Understanding when and how to create profiles

Content Reports

  • Overview of the fundamentals, how to use and interpret Content Reports to report what visitors are doing on your site
  • Understanding the importance of reports for Top Landing Pages, Top Content and how to create Content Drilldown reports
  • How to interpret correctly the Navigation Summary and Entrance Path reports

Traffic Sources

  • Understanding different kinds of traffic sources and how to identify quality traffic and drivers of revenue and conversions
  • Know what to look for in Keyword Reports
  • How campaign attribution works in Google Analytics
  • How to tag for non-Google PPC campaigns, email campaigns, display advertising etc...

Campaign Tracking

  • Best practices for tagging links
  • How to track Google and non-Google (Yahoo, Microsoft adCenter, email etc...) campaigns using tagged links
  • When and how to manually tag URLs showing a tool to help in the tag generation process
  • Tracking and using reports for Google AdWords campaigns, how and when to use autotagging for Google Analytics

Google AdWords Tracking

  • How to analyse the effect of search result position on performance
  • How to track the performance of text ads on Google and Google's Search Network
  • How to track the performance of display and video ads on the Content Network as well as audio and TV campaigns
  • Customising Google Analytics to show even richer data and intelligence of Search Marketing campaigns

Goals & Funnels

  • The purpose of using goals, assigning goal values and how to interpret their reports
  • Assigning meaningful values to goals and understanding how goal conversions differ from transactions
  • How to use and configure funnels as well as interpret the Funnel Visualization report


  • Best practices for using filters - how filters work, how to create them and when to apply them...
  • How to use filters and profiles together to track certain kinds of traffic such as Googles AdWords traffic
  • A look at advanced filters - cascading filters, search and replace filters, filters for sub-domains etc...
  • When and how to use common regular expressions (Regex) in Google Analytics with examples

E-commerce Tracking

  • How to enable and track e-commerce using goal value and e-commerce revenue metrics
  • How $Index is calculated and how to use it

Domains & Subdomains

  • Best practices for tracking across subdomains and how to code Google Analytics
  • See when to track across domains using different methods using _link() and _linkByPost() methods

Advanced Reporting

  • An overview of how to create, save, and edit custom reports
  • How to create and modify Advanced Segments and how they differ from filtered profiles
  • How to create and save Motion Charts

Internal Site Search

  • The importance of internal site search, understanding the metrics and how to configure in Google Analytics
  • Interpreting the Site Search Usage, Terms, Start Pages, and Destination Pages reports
  • An overview of advanced features that includes setting up Site Search Categories and how to find Site Search Trending

Event Tracking & Virtual Pageviews

  • Best practice and when to use virtual pageviews and event tracking
  • How to generate virtual pageviews and track events using _trackEvent()
  • An overview of advanced features such things as 404 errors, server errors, downloads, for completion etc...

The Custom Visitor Segment Variable

  • Best practices for setting and using the User Defined variable
  • How to view User Defined values in reports

Advanced Customisation

  • An overview of advanced techniques showing how to change such things as session timeout values, campaign expiration etc...

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