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Importance of Actionable Metrics

Your business most probably uses some solution to measure your web site activity but unless you can monitor and track actionable metrics there is little point in having this information.

Whatever web analytics solution you use we'll show how you can identify problems with your web site and how you can measure the level to which visitors engage with your site. With good quality web site intelligence you can gain a clearer insight into what your visitors really want and how you can improve the way you meet those needs.

Building Stronger Relationships with Your Clients

At Optimize we work closely with you to understand your visitors much more precisely and show how you can build stronger relationships with them in the process. This may involve helping you identify the most appropriate metrics to monitor and this, to a large extent, will depend on the objectives you have set for your web site.

Content metrics can monitor where the design, layout or navigation of your site could be improved. They can also highlight the content that encourages the most profitable activity from your visitors. Commerce metrics, on the other hand, measure the effectiveness of your web site's sales efforts online. Your core metrics might include the tracking of scanning visitors (who visit few pages in a short timeframe) or committed visitors (who view a large number of pages). Or you could define your metrics to compare the profitability of visitors coming through search engines and those coming through other marketing channels (such as banner ads or affiliate programmes). Either way, visitors to your web site can be grouped together, with each group displaying a different behaviour pattern that you can track and act upon.

Whereas it may seem appropriate only to monitor 'Sessions' or other hard figures from your web logs, it is usually much more important to measure trends in metrics - to focus on whether things are getting better or worse. For many reasons inaccuracies in web log files are quite common - and to a large extent they are unavoidable. These inaccuracies feed through to web log reports and consequently to web site metrics. However, by measuring trends rather than absolutes, inaccuracies become less significant.

However we help you, everything we do will work towards maximising your return on investment (ROI).

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