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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines are used every day by the vast majority of Internet users to find information on the web. So, if your web site has high search engine rankings for your target keyword phrases you have the potential to increase dramatically the number of high quality visitors to your web site. However, in order to achieve these elusive high search engine rankings, search engine optimisation of your web site is often required.

To obtain high rankings for a given search your site must satisfy two key requirements. First, at least one page within your web site must be highly relevant to the search in question. Second, the search engines need to know that these pages exist and have added them to their indexes.

Search Engines Want High Quality Content

All major search engines and directories place an ever-increasing emphasis on the need to list high quality pages in their search listings. They all have a vested interest to rank those pages that are most relevant to a given search high in their listings. Consequently, search engines give higher rankings to pages that they deem to be most relevant to a given search.

That said, search engines don't want you to develop your site purely to achieve high rankings. But they do want you to write informative, high quality content - which, if written properly and responsibly will, in turn, produce the high rankings you want.

At Optimize we'll:

  • Undertake a full web site review and appraisal of your entire web site to identify opportunities that meet your overall business objectives.
  • Carry out a comprehensive market and competitor analysis to identify and capitalise on the most appropriate use of keyword phrases in your web site content.
  • Provide detailed reports to show how individual pages can be optimised to present high quality content in a way that search engines want - sticking strictly to search engines' guidelines.

Search Engine Friendly Web Site Design

Although most search engines let you submit your site (and even individual pages within your site) for indexing, most search engines prefer to find your web pages for themselves before they add them to their indexes. They do this using automated spiders that visit sites across the web and find pages by following links contained within other pages. Pages can be found through links on your site or on another site but once a search engine knows a page exists and it satisfies its criteria it will usually add it to its index.

However, very often the technology used to create a web site prevents search engines' spiders from following links within it. If links in your web site can't be followed by the spiders the chances are extremely high that your pages won't be indexed. And if they're not indexed they will never be listed in search engines' results - irrespective of the quality and relevancy of your content.

At Optimize we'll:

  • Carry out a full review of your web site's ability to be search engine friendly.
  • Develop an detailed action plan to ensure key pages within your site are indexed quickly.

Optimize Solutions

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